Month: January 2020

Car loan: technical control in 5 questionsCar loan: technical control in 5 questions

Mandatory passage test to be able to continue driving, roadworthiness is often feared by road users. Immobilization of the vehicle, risk of counter-visit, possibility of costly repairs to be envisaged: the reasons for apprehension are numerous. But carefully prepared with a well-maintained vehicle, no need to worry! 1. But what is a technical control? Technical […]

Bank loans, why are they charged with what amount?Bank loans, why are they charged with what amount?

When searching for a suitable bank loan, understandably pay special attention to its costs. Insurance, loan interest and the bank commission we are discussing for cash, consolidation or mortgage loans are inherent costs of the loan. But do they always have to be all three? Not necessarily, there are loans without insurance or a bank […]