Are you looking for a quick loan?

Are you looking for a quick loan to obtain whose characteristic is having an installment that is always the same from start to finish? Then this is the loan review for you! The personal loan Astro allows you to obtain unrestricted liquidity, to be used for any of your needs, with absolutely simple and worry-free management.

The personal loan Astro is the ideal solution for those who want to have a simple, all-inclusive, easy-to-manage installment that always stays the same. All clear and no nasty surprises, you decide from start to finish! And if you have any doubts, don’t worry! Caloper professional advice will find the customized solution for you!

Personal Loan Caloper Round Digit: features

Personal Loan Caloper Round Digit: features

The personal loan Astro allows you to achieve your goals and carry out your projects leaving you all the serenity you need. In fact, with a “French” repayment plan , you can keep the amount of the installment constant every month. The amount to be refunded is round and includes all expenses.

Another strong point is the possibility to decide you, according to your possibilities, the amount of the installment. In this way, you will get a personalized , clear and simple personal Caloper loan that allows you to keep track of your monthly commitments. You can choose the combination of installment and duration of the financing that you deem most suitable for your habits and needs.

Requirements required

  • The requirements to access the Astro personal loan are:
  • Being resident in Italy
  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • For foreign citizens, however, residency in Italy has been required for at least a year.

Requested documents

The documents to be submitted to obtain your personal loan are:

  • a valid identity document (identity card or driving license);
  • the tax code or health card;
  • a document certifying your income, i.e. last paycheck if you are an employee, last tax return if you are self-employed or professional, last pension slip if you are retired.

Loan details Astro

Amount to be requested. You can request this way up to 20,000 USD.

Duration of funding. Your funding can last from a minimum of two years to a maximum of seven years.

Insurance coverage. Insurance on the Astro loan is not mandatory . However, there are many optional insurance coverages that can be inserted and that protect the insured person, or his family members, against unforeseen events that can happen during the financing (Death, permanent disability, serious illness, hospitalization, accident, temporary disability). So all those situations that potentially or in fact reduce the insured’s ability to produce income and that allow you to face the remaining duration of the loan with greater serenity.

Installments number. From a minimum of 24 installments to a maximum of 84 installments.

Method of disbursement and reimbursement. It is a quick loan in the disbursement procedure, the method of crediting can be chosen between a bank transfer or the release of a check. The refund can be agreed in the most convenient and most suitable way. It can be done by automatic debit in a bank or post office account, or with pre-marked bulletins to be reimbursed also in the SisalPay points, or Lis Paga at the authorized Quipay points.

Delivery time from approval of the file . The timing of delivery is really tight. In fact, the payment of the requested amount is expected within the day. It is a real quick personal loan.

Example of financing with calculation of the installment

Example of financing with calculation of the installment

By trying the financing simulator on the Caloper website we can easily ascertain the versatility of the repayment plan of the personal loan Astro which, in fact, can be modulated to your liking.

Here by entering the following data:

  • Amount requested: $ 15,000;
  • Selected installment amount: $ 270.00 per month;

we find that our funding will last:

  • from 69 to 81 installments;

that is

  • from five years and 9 months to six years and 9 months;
  • Tan between 5.90% and 10.90% ;
  • APR between 6.86% and 12.22% .

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