Car loan: technical control in 5 questions

Mandatory passage test to be able to continue driving, roadworthiness is often feared by road users. Immobilization of the vehicle, risk of counter-visit, possibility of costly repairs to be envisaged: the reasons for apprehension are numerous. But carefully prepared with a well-maintained vehicle, no need to worry!

1. But what is a technical control?

Technical control is an in-depth examination, compulsory since 1992 for all motorized vehicles wishing to travel on French soil. It aims to verify the viability of the vehicle, with 124 checkpoints subject to examination. Passed successfully, it allows obtaining a sticker attesting to its compliance, to be affixed on the windshield.

2. When and where to pass the technical control?

Only an establishment approved by the State can carry out the technical control, and issue an attestation stamp. For a new vehicle, the first technical control must take place within 6 months preceding the 4th anniversary of entry into service. Thereafter, as with second-hand vehicles, it is ironed every two years.

3. How much does a technical inspection cost?

car cost

If the average cost of a technical inspection is around $ 57, this price can vary enormously depending on the establishment, but especially in your city of residence. It is estimated that prices can range from 35 to 99 $!

4. What is checked during a technical inspection?

The 124 checkpoints are divided into 11 essential parts. Particularly scrutinized is everything related to the proper functioning of the vehicle (braking, steering, ground connection, bodywork, mechanics), but also safety equipment such as lighting, visibility, equipment. Pollution and the noise level emitted by the vehicle are also at the heart of attention.

5. What do the conclusions of a technical inspection say?


At the end of the technical control, a report is given to you, detailing the state of the vehicle, and indicating in particular the repairs to be envisaged. If a vehicle can be driven, a stamp with the letter “A” is issued (no major repairs to be expected). However, if major faults are noted, the letter “S” will appear on your stamp. You will then have 60 days to make a visit and make the necessary repairs. Are repairs too expensive? It will then be more economical to think about taking out a car loan to buy a new vehicle.

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