How to organize finances in times of crisis

Organizing finance is important at any time in life, but it is a habit that becomes even more priority in times of crisis. Practices such as avoiding taking on new debt and always researching price before buying anything for the cheapest make the difference and help keep the budget balanced.

Want to know more about these strategies and how to apply them in your life? So read on and learn how to organize finances in times of crisis.

Discover your real financial situation


In order to organize finances and keep the budget in balance even during times of crisis, it is essential to know what your financial life is like. So take a heartfelt analysis and put down everything you earn and spend on paper making sure your expenses are really within your means. And to keep that control up to date, Be sure to keep a record of all your expenses. Write down what comes out of your wallet or bank account in a spreadsheet or mobile app like Snark that does it for you automatically by pulling all your moves from your accounts.

Implement changes in everyday life

Analyze your monthly expenses and see where you can cut or reduce. You can, for example, call the cleaning lady twice a month instead of four, replace pilates with street racing, swap the car for public transportation, and cancel all service subscriptions other than uses more like newspapers, magazines and the gym.

Avoid taking on new debts


At times when the future is uncertain, it is prudent to avoid unnecessary spending but also to take on new debt. Escape from installment purchases and avoid making out-of-sight financing! OnlyBuy only what you can afford sight.

Reduce Supermarket Trips

Going to the supermarket several times during the week is synonymous with more budget spending. To save money, opt for monthly or biweekly purchases. Make a list of what you need to buy and stick to it, avoiding any unnecessary expense. GoodOther good practice to reduce costs. Swap famous brand products for cheaper ones. Supermarket own brands are also often worthwhile, as they offer good quality at more competitive prices.

Search prices


Before you buy anything, however cheap, be sure to do a quick price search. The internet has numerous websites that compare the price of the same item in different physical and virtual stores. If you decide to buy online, be sure to check if the amount charged for shipping does not make the purchase much more expensive!

Organizing finances is the way to keep your financial life up to date even in times of crisis. Keep spending under control, make sure to create an emergency reserve and avoid impulse purchases. These are the small changes that make the difference and help maintain your financial security.

What are you already doing to organize finances in times of crisis? Have other questions about this? Leave your comment and tell us everything!

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